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Site Policies

Publishing Principles


At CANNABICEPS, we are committed to delivering content that enlightens, educates, and empowers our readers. Our core values are rooted in transparency, accuracy, and holistic health.


We focus primarily on the benefits of CBD and medical cannabis, diving deep into research findings, user testimonials, and holistic health practices.


We cater to individuals seeking alternative remedies and those interested in the broader world of medical cannabis.


Our aim is to provide reliable, research-backed information on the health benefits of CBD and nurture a well-informed community.


Ownership / Funding


CANNABICEPS is a privately-owned entity, founded by holistic health enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on being 100% self-funded, ensuring our content remains unbiased and genuine.


Actionable Feedback Policy


We value the voice of our readers and believe that feedback is integral to our growth.


Feedback and any inquiries can be submitted through our website’s contact form.

Response Time

We make every effort to address all feedback and inquiries within 72 hours.


Significant changes or updates, especially those influenced by feedback, are communicated openly to our readers.


Corrections Policy


We hold accuracy in the highest regard. In the event of an oversight:


Any error is promptly corrected on our website. If the oversight is of significant importance, a correction note is appended to the relevant article.


We continually review our content to uphold its accuracy and relevance.


Ethics Policy


Integrity and trust are foundational to CANNABICEPS.


Upholding the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and respect is non-negotiable.

Conflicts of Interest

Transparency is our guiding principle. Any potential conflicts, especially related to our self-funding nature, are communicated with clarity.


Diversity Policy


Embracing diverse perspectives enriches our narrative.


We endeavor to weave in a wide spectrum of voices, backgrounds, and experiences to enrich our narrative.


Diversity Staffing Report


As CANNABICEPS envisions the future:

Hiring Philosophy

Our focus will always be on skills and potential, aiming for a team that embodies diversity, dynamism, and dedication.

Diversity Aims

A harmonious blend of various ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds will be at the forefront of our growth aspirations.